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 Welcome to my website!

     I'm Bobby Hogan! I'm a Los Angeles based actor, singer, dancer, and musician. I got my start through Musical Theatre, performing in the Muny Teens Program while in high school and eventually earning my BFA from Belmont University.

   I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri with my 2 brothers, 1 sister, and my AMAZING parents. Growing up, we were ridiculously active. When we weren't playing club sports, we were playing everything in our backyard (we got REALLY good at wiffle ball). Nonetheless, MY sport was always Ice Hockey. In fact, I played at a nationally competitive level for 14 years. 

   HOWEVER, in eighth grade, I auditioned for my first play and everything changed. Now I always had a fascination with acting and film making, but I didn't really know how I could get involved outside of the highly stigmatized theatre. However, the MOMENT I stepped on that stage, I absolutely fell in love with theatre in every aspect. Ice hockey started taking a backseat and theatre started taking OVER MY LIFE. 

   I took my time in college to round myself out as a person and also develop skills that might set me apart. I was a division 1 cheerleader for two years, where I learned basic tumbling as well as advanced partner stunts. I participated in student films to satiate my ever-growing need to be acting. I took guitar and piano lessons to become a better musician. And I became a personal trainer to not only better myself physically and as a leader, but to help those around me.

    I've already been blessed enough to work theatrically all over the country. Notably through Studio Tenn, Chaffin's Barn, Grandstreet, The Muny, and most recently, with the 1st National Tour of Escape to Margaritaville! 

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